A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

Once She Was A Lonely Child But Now The World
Sings Praises Of Her Beauty

Like Cinderella, surrounded by adoring songbirds- her beauty leaves the world weak at their knees.

Yui’s life is the ultimate dream for so many women as a jet-setting top model walking catwalks across the world and the face of so many beauty campaigns in Japan.

Yet this everlasting beauty, who has so many at her feet, was once an ugly duckling in every way. Taking a moment from her busy schedule for an interview, she finally revealed her odd secret to perfection.

“When I was young, I got into an accident”

“That incident took everything away from me”

“My home, my family and even my happiness”

“The doctors managed to save my life”

“But my face was left in a terrible state”

“I thought my face would look like a monster forever”

“But then I found help in my Uncle’s birds”

“It sounds strange but it really works for me”


Searching For A Remedy

News of Yui’s strange Fountain of Youth began to spread, eventually reaching the attention of dermatologist Dr. Anna H. Foster. Dr. Anna had 30 years’ experience devoted to natural anti aging-methods.

When she saw the before and after photos of Yui’s face, she was blown away by the change. But she remained skeptical of the model’s skincare claims.

Just how did this ugly duckling become a top model?

For years, Dr. Anna has been treating a unique patient- a 50-year-old who suffered from skin issues her whole life. Due to her sensitive skin, she was allergic to most modern remedies, reacting severely to chemical treatments.

Dr. Anna reached out to Yui and told her of the patient’s plight, hoping the model could offer help. Upon their meeting, Dr. Anna was shocked.

“I thought Yui had sent her daughter in her stead”

“The woman looked younger and more beautiful”

“Without the cosmetics she wore on shoots”

-Dr. Anna

Discovering Precious Gold Within Guano

When they met, Yui shared her whole story with Dr. Anna.

“It’s true I’ve only relied on bird droppings for my face”

“After the accident, my face was left in an awful state”

“So many times, I’d be afraid of even looking in the mirror”

“My schoolmates called me a ‘Swamp Monster’!”

“Covering my face in makeup did not help at all”

“I wore it all the time and my face started breaking out”

“My skin was itchy, red and angry from it”

“Everywhere I went, it felt like I was being watched”

“It’s a lonely, bitter experience when you cannot love yourself”


After the accident, Yui went to live with her uncle who was a well-known birdkeeper. The man bred and raised nightingales, treating them like royalty. Indeed, his birds could only be afforded by the very wealthy.

Yui enjoyed listening to the birds’ songs, their singing offering her a short, happy reprieve from her difficult life. Eventually, her uncle taught her to care for the birds.

On one particular hot day, she was cleaning their cages but somehow slipped and fell. Some of the bird droppings had gotten on her face and she hadn’t noticed it until much later in the evening.

“I quickly washed it off and thought nothing more of it”

“But the next morning, I woke up to a change”

“My skin that was under the guano had cleared up”

“The acne and redness on the spot were gone”


Gathering even more droppings, Yui dried them in the sun before crushing them into a fine powder. She used said powder on her face every day as a facial mask.

“People found out and made fun of me”

“They said it was smelly and dirty”

“But a month later, I had completely transformed”

“My skin becoming as flawless as you see today”


The First Trial

Dr. Anna knew the benefits of nightingale droppings. It was a traditional skincare treatment in Japan with countless celebrities and models across the world still using it. But none of the existing droppings boasted the same potency as Yui’s

Yui gave Dr. Anna a bottle of droppings, allowing her to bring it back to New York.

There, she tested the guano and found it rich in a unique form of amino acids. She gave the guano to her patient, advising her to use it.

After a month, her patient returned for her appointment and the elderly woman was completely unrecognizable.

Her previously rough and uneven complexion was smooth, the scars and discoloration had faded and her sagging cheeks were now soft and taut. Even her wrinkles were entirely gone!

This prompted Dr. Anna to test the droppings further

The True Drops Of Youth

“The skin is the largest organ the human body has”

“And unlike other organs, it’s exposed to the world”

“The skin is a combination of three layers of tissue”

“Called the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis”

“A complex network of fibers and proteins strengthens the skin”

“And reinforces its natural structure”

“The two proteins involved are collagen and elastin”

“Collagen maintains the structural stability for other skin cells”

“Allowing the skin to retain important moisture”

“But over time, collagen production decreases”

“Leading to dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines”

“The amino acids promote cellular repair to combat this”

“And reduces inflammation by protecting the skin via antioxidants”

-Dr. Anna

The amino acids in those nightingale guano was entirely unique and was a shocking 50x more effective than other known sources.

The Birth Of Delonzi™

Dr. Anna saw the potential hidden in the droppings and how it could help countless people across the world. With the help of Yui, she decided to create a product. It took years for Dr. Anna to perfect the formula, carefully extracting the amino acids from the guano but at long last, they introduced Delonzi™ to the world.

Seal Of Approval

Yui was first to test Delonzi™ before its launch and the model marveled at the results.

“It’s so much more convenient than before”

“And it’s so much more effective as well”

“My skin feels so supple and beautiful”

“It almost feels like I’m glowing!”

“It’s so much easier than just using the dried droppings”

“Dr. Anna really managed to bottle a miracle”


The model thought of her younger self and how desperate and pitiful she had been. She remembered how badly she had wanted a way to treat her skin followed by the sheer joy and confidence she had felt when she finally treated her terrible skin.

Yui was glad Delonzi™ could help others now.

Delonzi™ Has Already Sold More Than 200,000 Bottles With 97% Of Users Seeing Improvements In Their Complexion.

Youth may be fleeting but beauty doesn’t have to be.

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